Binche Chimay Binche: hills and cobbles

Liv Racing Xstra`s final one day race of the 2022 season is taking place on Belgian soil. The team starts in Binche Chimay Binche.

The Belgian race goes over 117,2 kilometres. The peloton starts in Chimay and travels via Cerfontaine and Beaumont to the local circuit in Binche, which the peloton will ride three times. For Liv Racing Xstra it is the last one day race of this season. The team starts with Eva Buurman, Jeanne Korevaar, Quinty Ton, Silke Smulders and Sabrina Stultiens.

“It is almost the end of the season, but I am really looking forward to this race. Last year I was also riding the race, so I know the course a little. We will face some hills and cobblestones, so there are some chances for a breakaway. We will start with a good team to show ourselves. We are still really motivated and want to ride aggressively in order to get a nice result”, Ton previewed.