“Everyone is motivated and keen for results in 2023”

Liv Racing TeqFind, the name under which Liv Racing Xstra will compete next year, is on track for 2023. The team completed its first collective training camp early this week. In Mallorca, Caroline Andersson and Mavi García were part of the group for the first time.

“We had an excellent camp. There was some rain the first few days, but we were flexible and adjusted our schedule where necessary. For the most part of the training camp, conditions were perfect to train well with each other. We completed a lot of training hours and also trained on specific elements, such as a lead-out and echelons,” says Jeanne Korevaar, who will start her ninth season with our team next year.

“There are no major changes when it comes to team composition. Mavi and Caroline, the only two new faces, quickly integrated into the group. It felt cohesive and family-like right away; the team-building activities in the evenings also contributed to that. Mavi lives in Mallorca; it was fun for her to show us around the island. She helped create training routes and we visited her local gym. It feels nice to be in preparation as a group. That gives extra motivation for 2023.”

The training camp in Mallorca was the first where almost the entire team was together. A second team camp in Spain will follow in January. That will be the last stop before the kick-off of the new season, which starts for Liv Racing TeqFind in the UAE Tour. “I will focus on the Flemish spring classics next season. These are the races that suit me best, that’s where I want to focus on. In the past, my programme was usually a bit more packed. By making more choices, I want to increase the chances of good results.”


During the training camp, ‘focus’ was a key word, says sports director Wim Stroetinga. “Women’s cycling is developing extremely fast. A few years ago, you still saw many riders doing all types of races, but nowadays specialisation is a requirement to be able to perform well. So this also applies to us. You won’t see a rider who is strong in Paris-Roubaix riding at the front in the Strade Bianche or La Vuelta España Femenina any more.”

During the camp, the team anticipated this. “We split our team naturally: one group focuses on sprints and classics, the other on climbing races and tough stage races. This is partly driven by our squad with Rachele Barbieri as a top sprinter and Mavi García as a powerful GC rider. We want to create close groups with riders who give everything for each other in the race and then peak. In the course of the season, at the Tour, riders from the groups will come together, but that won’t cause any problems.”

Stroetinga is satisfied with the work the riders have done. “I am extremely happy with the level the riders are already at. If I compare that to the level of the first team camp last year, we are really a step ahead. Everyone is intrinsically motivated, sharper and keen on results in 2023. If we can improve some more in the coming weeks, I am confident we can start the new season strongly.”