Five questions for: Evy Kuijpers

Evy Kuijpers will be part of Liv Racing’s selection for the Omloop Het Nieuwsblad next week. The Dutch is full of ambitions.

How was your preparation for the new season?
“Despite the limitations due to corona, I had a fairly normal preparation. The preparations started a bit later, because the 2020 season lasted slightly longer. I’ve had a lot of training on the mountain bike, did endurance rides, ran and did power training. We also went on a training camp with Liv Racing, under the pleasant Spanish sun. I think variety is important in wintertime, it keeps it fun. And above all, it is effective.”

How do you like the renewed team?
“The team is slightly smaller than last year which gives it a little more of a family feeling. I was happy to see everyone again at the training camp, some I had not seen face-to-face for a while. I think we have a strong team in width. With Lotte Kopecky, among others, we have someone who can finish off a race. I’m really looking forward to that.”

What is your role within Liv Racing this season?
“I will take on the role of road captain. I hope that I can be an extension of the staff in the race. In addition, I obviously hope to be in good shape during the classics, so that I can assist the head women as well as possible.”

What will be your biggest challenges?
“It is important to be immediately ready at the start of the season. After all, the situation with corona is fragile and creates uncertainty. Which races will take place at the scheduled times? Will races be cancelled? It is important to be super sharp and to be ready for each race.”

What are your expectations in the Omloop Het Nieuwsblad?
“First of all, I’m really looking forward to it. The Omloop truly kicks off the season for me. I expect that we will appear at the start with a strong team and that we can really participate in the race. Hopefully we will be able to reach the final with many of our riders and that a good starting position will lead to good results.”