Flèche Wallonne Femmes: rush to Mur de Huy

The midweek race is known because the iconic climb Mur de Huy. The race will probably be decided once again on this hard climb.

On Wednesday the peloton will take on the second race of the Ardennes Classics. The Belgian Ardennes wait for the riders during the 131 kilometres long race. After 52 kilometres the riders will climb the Mur de Huy for the first time when they enter a hilly circuit which will be raced twice. The local lap includes the Côte d’Ereffe, Côte de Cherave and Mur de Huy. The third ascent of the Mur is also the finish.

Liv Racing TeqFind will start with Mavi Garcia as leader again. The Spanish champion has a good track record in Huy. In the last two editions she crossed the line in 5th place. Also Paris-Roubaix Femmes runner-up Katia Ragusa will take the start in Huy. Caroline Andersson, Silke Smulders, Sabrina Stultiens and Quinty Ton complete the line-up for Wednesday`s race.

For Ragusa it is her first race after her emotional second place in Paris-Roubaix Femmes. “The weeks after the race were really busy and special for me. I got a lot of messages and reactions. Of course I celebrated my achievement with my family and boyfriend. It was really special. The Fleche Wallone is a completely different race however. We will support Mavi again, it is a race that suits her well. We will do everything to get her in a good position for the final climb of the Mur de Huy. The team performed well the last races, so we have the confidence to go for a good result.”