Liv Racing Xstra commits to talent development with JEGG – DJR Academy

Liv Racing Xstra is partnering with cycling club JEGG – DJR Academy. The UCI Women’s WorldTeam aims to further develop women’s cycling and to optimise the integration of cycling talents into the top level.

The Dutch cycling club JEGG – DJR Academy has been a leading development team in Dutch cycling for many decades. Many (male) cycling talents used JEGG – DJR as a springboard to reach the highest level. In recent years, the women’s team (elite/ U23) has also grown significantly and proved to be an increasingly important breeding ground.

Sharing knowledge
“JEGG – DJR is a semi-pro organisation. Cycling has reaped the benefits of this on several occasions. By sharing knowledge, for instance in the field of training and coaching, we want to take the coaching structure to an even higher level. We monitor progression on a regular basis. The ultimate goal is to help cycling talents mature even better and get them on our radar at an early stage,” says Wim Stroetinga, sports director of Liv Racing Xstra.

First collaboration
Recently, Quinty Ton and Thalita de Jong attended the introduction day of the women’s team (elite/ U23) of JEGG- DJR Academy. There, they shared their knowledge and experience with the riders who are part of the 2023 team. Next season, there will be more of such joint training days. “It was nice to spend a day with young girls who have a pro career as their ultimate dream. Such sessions are inspiring for everyone,” says Quinty Ton.

Wider top
The collaboration, with JEGG – DJR Academy acting as a kind of satellite club, suits Liv Racing Xstra very well. “Over the years, many riders had their breakthrough through our team. We are one of the longest active teams in the pro peloton,” says Liv Racing Xstra team manager Eric van den Boom. “For the further development of women’s cycling, it is very important that we strengthen the base so that the absolute top becomes broader over time.”