Liv Racing Xstra races in Italy again

Liv Racing Xstra returns to Italy for the Trofeo Alfredo Binda, one of the oldest and biggest races on the calendar.

On Sunday the race over almost 142 km is divided into three parts. After a small loop the peloton gets onto larger lap of 44 km towards Grantola and back. The final part contains four local laps with two climbs in it: the Casale (800m, 9% average) and Orino (1.5 km, 6,5%). It is hard to predict how the race will evolve with all kind of scenarios, from a small group to a bunch sprint or even a solo can be successful.

Liv Racing Xstra brings Rachele Barbieri, Marta Jaskulska, Jeanne Korevaar, Ayesha McGowan, Katia Ragusa and Silke Smulders to the start line in Cittiglio. Giorgia Bronzini will lead the squad from the team car. The Italian sports director was second in 2007 and finished in the top-10 several times. “It is a hard race, but I love it as I took some nice results in this race when I was a rider. The local lap is really hard with the two climbs, making it difficult for the fast riders to survive. As team we have to anticipate in the finale and try to get in the right group to get a good result.”