Offensive Quinty Ton in first stage

The first stage of the Simac Ladies Tour took place in and around Gennep. Quinty Ton went in the offensive a couple of times, but couldn`t not prevent a bunch sprint.

Almost 140 kilometres were waiting for the peloton on the second day of the Simac Ladies Tour. At the end of the day a bunch sprint was expected, but some riders tried to change that scenario. Quinty Ton was one of those riders. Early in the stage she tried to get away with two other riders. After the first mountain sprint Ton was caught. In the final kilometres Ton did another attempt. This time Christina Schweinberger went with her, but the duo couldn`t surprise the peloton. In the bunch sprint Elisa Balsamo took the stage win. Jeanne Korevaar (16th) and Marta Jaskulska (18th) finished in the top-20.

“We knew we didn`t have a chance against the strong sprinters, so we wanted to prevent a bunch sprint. Early in the stage I tried to get away, but we were reeled in quickly. In the final kilometres I tried again, without luck again. We will keep trying this Simac Ladies Tour. Tomorrow we have the time trial in Leuven. It is a little bit too short for me, but I will give it my all”, Ton commented after the stage.