Preparations for 2023 in full swing

The new season is approaching fast, and thus preparations are in full swing. Our team will enter 2023 under a new name: Liv Racing TeqFind. The company TeqFind replaces Xstra on the jersey. TeqFind is the new brand name that falls under the umbrella of Xstra Data Storage. So the team partner remains unchanged.

What remains practically the same is the iconic, aubergine-purple shirt. This outfit is made in a way that suits the team: for women, by women. The floral print on the jersey exudes a unique energy and symbolises the strength and experience of our team. The 2023 kit is made by GSG, the Italian expert in stylish cycling clothing.

Training camp

Liv Racing TeqFind will start its training camp on Mallorca today. There, the team will meet for the first time in its almost complete 2023 line-up. New to the 2023 selection are Swedish rider Caroline Andersson and Spanish road and time trial champion Mavia García. The first training camp will last until shortly before Christmas.